GO Run For Fun

Although fundamentally simple, healthy & active living needs to be learned!

GO Run For Fun provides schools with a great opportunity to formalise active leisure and participation in sport. It creates a fun event that is locally organised but part of a national effort to improve childrens health. The events create an ideal opportunity for goal setting, achievement planning and practice in making healthy lifestyle choices.

Through their involvement in the run, children will experience first-hand the fun they can have taking part in an exciting event and competing either as individuals, in teams, or as classes. By preparing for the event, they can learn how to develop skills of jogging and running, coordination, balance, and pace, as well as receiving hints and tips as to how to fuel their bodies for success.

There are numerous ways in which to build our videos and activities into lessons before your GO Run event (or even if you don’t have an event yet scheduled!) All modules around sport and healthy eating can be integrated with other areas of the curriculum, including maths, English, science, art and citizenship.


Getting the most out of GO Run For Fun

  • Encourage young leadership
    Sports leadership can be encouraged through involvement in the GO Run For Fun programme, too by electing a set of GRFF representatives, older years can take responsibility for planning their peer group’s GO Run experience, and encouraging team progress. And if you don’t have one already, why not set up a school run club?

  • Encourage reflection
    After your GO Run event, encourage participants to reflect on their achievements, and make small changes towards a more active lifestyle going forward. This can be in the form of journalistic reports of the fun run day, class-generated video content (training plans, interviews, etc), drawings and letters- we welcome all submissions of your classwork!

  • Give us feedback
    Let us know how you use GRFF in your teaching. We’d love to hear your views and suggestions!