The Go Run For Fun Foundation welcomes the support of public bodies and the private sector to help achieve its aims.

In order to continue and grow the programme, the Foundation requires additional funding to keep events free and inclusive. Beyond this, we welcome the partnership and expertise of external organisations to achieve maximum impact through our work. The sky is the limit!


Can You Help Us Grow?

  • INEOS provided seed funding to the GO Run For Fun campaign, amounting to £1.5m spread over its first three years. This allows us to provide the fundamentals of our fantastic campaign- although already we find it challenging to meet the huge (and growing!) demand for our free events.
  • Now also incorporating a fun interactive educational programme, there is great scope for our work to grow and inspire thousands more children towards active lifestyles- though for this we need your help!
  • We would be delighted to hear if you or your organisation would consider sponsoring an event.
  • For more information, please contact us here