• GO Run For Fun have exciting events popping up all over the country, so be sure to keep checking our event directory and social media for announcements on new events near you! If you would like GO Run For Fun to come to your town or school, please email info@gorunforfun.com.
  • The event directory lists all GO Events and partner events, with links to our partner events’ websites.
  • For GO Events contact the local organiser to register for a place.
  • For Partner Events follow the link to the partner event website where you will find instructions on how to enter and if there is an entry fee payable.
  • All of our courses are between 1 mile – 2 km. It’s a great starting distance and maybe after some training, you’ll run two miles, three miles and more!
  • We encourage all runners to pace themselves from the word GO! If you start steady you should be able to run the whole way around the course.
  • There is no prize for the fastest runner. You should make your way around the course in your own time. Every runner is cheered on by the spectators and Dart (of course), and we congratulate every runner when they complete the fun run
  • You receive a FREE GO Run For Fun pink t-shirt. You will get this before you start.
  • Dart is our very own mascot who comes along to almost every one of our events. He always wants to say hello and wish everyone good luck. He may even join in the warm-up too so you can copy his moves!
  • Yes you do! You can take it home with you at the end of the run to show your family and friends how well you did! You may even be lucky to have a special guest sign it for you.
  • If your school isn't taking part in a GO Run For Fun event and would like to get involved, please contact info@gorunforfun.com. If there isn't an event near you, then there may be an athletics or running club nearby that you could join. This way you can run every week and make loads of new friends! 

You will be provided with a pink GO Run For Fun t-shirt which you will wear on the day of the event.

We also recommend that you wear trousers or shorts suitable for running in.

Remember that events take place outside, and although we get you nice and warmed up before you run, the weather may still be a little cold, so bring warm clothes and coats to wear before and after your run.


The number of children taking part in our events varies with each event that we do. 

For example our largest event has seen over 4,000 children taking part, but our smaller events see around 700 children taking part.

We aim to give each and every participant the exact same event experience, regardless of the size or scale of the event.

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Children Get Off The Starting Blocks In Haverhill