GO Run For Fun


Who can take part?

GO Run For Fun aims to get 5-10 year old children into running. However GO Run for Fun will not exclude children aged 4-5 or 11-13. Every single child is encouraged to take part regardless of their ability. At some events we are able to encourage parents to run alongside their children too.

It’s the taking part that counts in fun running!

You don’t have to run all the way. We encourage every child to simply give it a go. Some will run the whole way, others will jog, while others will need to take one or two walking breaks during their run. In many of our events able and less-able bodied children work together to complete their run.

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Next events

26 Jun 2017 - Pulheimer Sportclub 1924/57 e.V

27 Jun 2017 - TuS Germania 1930 Hackenbroich e.V., Dormagen

ASV Köln
28 Jun 2017 - ASV Athletik Sport-Verein Köln e.V.

29 Jun 2017 - Bezirkssportanlage SV 1930 Rosellen

London Olympic Park
29 Jun 2017 - Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

30 Jun 2017 - Worringen

Stockton 3rd July (1)
03 Jul 2017 - Preston Park, Stockton

25 Sep 2017 - Ecaussinnes, Feluy