ACTIVATOR BLOG- ISSUE 4 - How to keep healthy and active in 2017!

With the New Year now well underway the GO Run For Fun team is going to bring you lots of hints and tips to keep you in tip top condition throughout the winter months and for the rest of the year! Charlotte is going to give you some top breakfast tips, Brittany is going to bring you right up to speed with why fruit and vegetables are so important, Jacqueline will give you lots of helpful ideas on how to keep active indoors and outdoors and lastly our resident super fast runner Stephanie will tell you all about how to warm up and cool down before and after exercise, so here goes:

A Healthy Start to the day:

Charlotte told us that having breakfast is very important, Breakfast fills you with energy and sets you up for the rest of the day. With a good healthy breakfast you’ll be able to use more energy to perform better at school and in physical activities. You’ll also be fuller for longer, meaning your tummy won’t be rumbling!

Charlotte’s favourite breakfasts include porridge with blueberries or bananas, or she likes to have a fruit smoothie packed full of vitamins and minerals. If you want to be up and ready to go in the morning, Charlotte recommends wholemeal toast as it is packed full of fibre or non-sugary cereals with fresh fruit.

As they say, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so make sure you get your day off to a great start

Importance of Fruit and Vegetables:

Brittany loves her fruit and vegetables, she’s always coming in to GO Run For Fun HQ with lunches and snacks packed full of fruit and vegetables, she is always getting her 5 a day; which is the recommended daily intake.

She tells us that fruit and vegetables are packed full of nutrients and are natural – non processed foods, which are the best kind of food to give you energy and help keep you healthy! Brittany also learnt a lot about nutrients from watching our very own Dart TV! She recommends ‘Meet Darticus’ and ‘Vitamins are Vital’ for all your fruit and veg information!

Brittany loves having fresh berries such as blueberries, blackberries & raspberries with some natural yoghurt, it’s so refreshing! Bananas & oranges packed with vitamin C are her other favourites! But she loves all vegetables like parsnips, spinach and sweet potato! They all taste delicious and there’s so much variety to choose from. We asked Brittany for one of her favourite smoothie recipes and this is her challenge to you; Make a Groovy ‘Secret Green’ smoothie:

INGREDIENTS: Mixture of berries, a yummy banana, some natural yoghurt, 120ml of water & a nice big handful of spinach! (You won’t ever know it’s there!)

Keeping the Family Active:

So you may have got a brand new bike for Christmas, which you have been whizzing around on ever since, or you might be looking for inspiration on how you can get your whole family outside and active.

Jacqueline suggests that you should find some activities that everyone in the family can take part in; going for a family walk or heading to the park is always a great way to get outside and get some fresh air.

As a child, Jacqueline was always active, her dad used to make assault courses in the back garden, so this was a great way to keep active- jumping over mini hurdles, crawling through tunnels and going down the slide were all great ways to use up all her energy, whilst also developing fundamental skills. Why don’t you design a course in your back garden and get all the family involved- you’ll be racing around the garden in no time!

However the weather isn’t always great; especially in the winter months, so you’ll want to stay indoors, but don’t worry about that, you can still stay active in the house! Jacqueline suggests that you put on your favourite music and make up a dance routine, perform it for everyone else in the house and get them involved with the moves too!

So now you have no excuses this winter, you really can stay active and healthy! Eat well, live well, be well!

Warm up and Cool Down:

As Stephanie is a super speedy runner who often runs 50 miles a week she knows loads about the importance of warming up and cooling down as part of an active and healthy routine. Stephanie told us that it is important to warm up in winter as your muscles are tighter than in the summer. Warming up will make sure you are ready for your run or any other activity. Stephanie also told us that warming up will make you go faster- All Olympians warm up before they compete! If you do not warm up- watch out! Not warming up can cause you to get injured by pulling a muscle. This would mean that you would have to rest and wouldn’t be able to get out and active- no one wants that!

As a fun warm up, Stephanie suggests doing some star jumps or jumping jacks and making sure you stretch your muscles. If you have been to a GO Run For Fun event, you know our dance moves, so maybe do those before your activity!

Lastly Stephanie gave us a little bit of advice on what to wear when running outside in the winter. She says you need to be warm, put don’t put on lots of layers- just make sure your arms and legs are covered, so no shorts or t-shirts with short sleeves.

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ACTIVATOR BLOG- ISSUE 4 - How to keep healthy and active in 2017!





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