Activator Blog- Issue 3- The Christmas Special

Activator Blog - Issue 3- The Christmas Special

So everything has a Christmas special these days, so we thought we’d jump on the bandwagon and bring you a festive addition of our activator blog! We haven’t had any events for a while and Dart has gone into hibernation, so we’ve decided to answer some festive themed questions! You’ll find out what Dart’s getting for Christmas, what the activators will be doing over the festive period, as well as an insight into Dart’s bad habits!

It’s been a very busy year for the GO Run For Fun team and everyone has agreed (apart from Jacqueline because she wasn’t here!) that the highlight of 2016 was watching Reggie 'N' Bollie rock it out at the Olympic Stadium in front of 4,000 children in pink t-shirts who were about to complete their GO Run For Fun one mile event! Brittany got to look after Reggie 'N' Bollie that day and apparently their favourite word to use is BOOOOOOOM!

As we travel around the UK in the pink van, we spend a lot of time with Dart and have noticed he has a few bad habits! Brittany and Steph both agree that Dart smells a little bit and Charlotte says he always leaves his smelly running trainers in the van- naughty Dart! Jacqueline says that sometimes Dart falls asleep in the van on long journeys- He snores so much and even talks in his sleep! We think he’s dreaming about beating Mo Farah at the World Championships next year in London!

The team have decided to buy Dart a few Christmas presents this year; we’ve been informed by Santa that Dart is on the nice list, as he’s been quite good this year! Steph is going to buy him some perfume from Paris (she’s French you know!) and a pair of New Balance Trainers (pink of course!), Brittany is going to get him some Christmas Pyjamas, Jacqueline has decided Dart needs a skateboard and also a book on how to Dab! Charlotte will be buying Dart a healthy recipe book so he can cook all the activators healthy meals and treats when we’re out on the road!

The GO Run For Fun team get to go to some really exciting places in the UK and Europe, we had a little chat about what our favourites were and why! Jacqueline has only been with the GO Run for Fun team for a short while, so didn’t get the chance to work on the international tour, however she did get to go to Wales, so that has been her favourite country so far! Try the Welsh cakes if you get a chance- They’re delicious! Steph said the South of France was her favourite; not because she’s from France, but because Dart made two great appearances; one on a zip line and one on a horse! Brittany and Charlotte liked Norway and Italy as they were brand new locations for 2016.

We also get the chance to meet some great GO Run for Fun ambassadors who come to our events to cheer on the runners and give them some words of advice! Brittany said her favourites were Guy Learmonth and Andy Butchart; Andy was great at joining in the GRFF dance! Steph agreed that Guy was also great, because he was our first athlete to do the Dab! Charlotte’s favourite was Lynsey Sharp, because they’re both Scottish and Jacqueline said Kelly Massey was her favourite because she brought her Olympic Bronze medal to the event- it was really heavy!

Lastly as the GO Run For Fun team settle down for their Christmas holidays, they’ve written their lists to Santa, set some New Year’s resolutions and come up with some Christmas messages for all of our pink runners! Charlotte cannot wait to spend time with her nieces and nephews this Christmas or ‘Niecephews’ as she likes to call them! She wants to ensure that all children associate running as a healthy activity in 2017 and hopes you all have a fantastic Christmas and remember to stay active! Steph will be heading home to Paris for Christmas; her favourite place in the whole wide world! We think Santa will bring her lots of new running gear this Christmas, which we’re sure she’ll be testing out on Christmas Day! She’s still thinking of a New Year’s resolution, but her advice to you all is ditch the iPads and iPhones and make sure you get outside!

Brittany is hoping for some jewellery this Christmas, in particular a ring! She cannot wait to wear her Christmas pyjamas and spend time with her family! She isn’t telling us her resolution (It must be a secret!) and her advice to you all is eat some chocolate (everything in moderation) and enjoy lots of Christmas films!

Lastly Jacqueline is hoping for a puppy this year for Christmas, although she’s asked for one every year since she was young, so she’s not getting her hopes up! Her favourite thing to do at Christmas is steal all the pigs in blankets as soon as they come out of the oven! She always has a plate full of vegetables as well- Carrots and broccoli are her favourite! Her new year’s resolution is to spend more time with her family and friends and her advice to you all is to smile more and laugh lots!

The GO Run for Fun team would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

See you all in 2017!

Keep running, keep active, keep healthy!

Charlotte, Steph, Brittany, Jacqueline & Dart

(The GO Run For Fun Team!)

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Activator Blog- Issue 3- The Christmas Special

Activator Blog - Issue 3- The Christmas Special


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