GO Run For Fun

Our mission... simple:
to get kids running!

Inspiring children to be more active through well organised running events

Running is simple, and children do it naturally. It’s fun, good for their confidence and great for their health and development.

It’s not expensive, and is the basis for so many other sports. If kids catch the bug early enough they tend to stick with it and this leads to a more active and healthy lifestyle.

Our well organised running events encourage children to prepare themselves for the challenge of completing a 2km fun run, to give it their best on the day and to make their run a memorable achievement.


Getting kids outdoors again

The GO Run For Fun programme has a very simple aim - to get as many kids between the age of 5 and 10 running as possible, through well organised fun events. Since GO Run For Fun started in Summer 2013, we have seen over 260,000 young runners take part in events worldwide. 

GO Run For Fun currently takes place in UK, France, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Switzerland, Norway, USA and Mexico - and we are still growing!

To follow our planned events, and find out when we're running near you, see our Events page. You can also support our Foundation here. 


What's next: